Belgian Mirror Aesthetics & Performance

Choosing the right Glass windows and doors manufacturer in India? No worries when there’s a warranty with Belgian Mirror !


Belgian Mirror, being one of the best Glass windows and doors manufacturer provides a wide range of window systems. As a result, any design desire can be met with different frame and sash heights and depths, double-sash elements without a fixed center post, transom/mullion combinations, and so on.


Why us?

Belgian Mirror systems are precision-engineered works of art that provide a lifetime of style, strength, and security. Belgian Mirror systems are available in a variety of customized designs and wood finishes to complement any décor.

Our client-centric strategy has assisted us in establishing a dependable customer base. With a vision to create desire by pushing the boundaries of façades solutions, we have combined years of window industry know-how with advanced technology, high-tech machinery, and a strong local presence to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We provide full fabrication and installation training for our associates, and our team is never far away if additional assistance is required.

Wind load performance that is exceptional

Because of Belgian Mirror high wind load performance, you can enjoy calm days even during typhoons. Belgian Mirror windows have been installed successfully in high-rise buildings.

Insulation against heat

Belgian Mirror windows have been tested in both tropical and cold climates. Excellent thermal insulation clearly saves a lot of energy in both cold and warm weather.

Tightness to water

No matter how heavy the rainstorm, the Belgian Mirror PVC-U windows do not enable any water leakage. They have established their window and weather stiffness even on the coast.


The noise level can be significantly reduced by combining PVC-U profiles with specially insulated glass panes, especially in high-traffic areas (e.g., near airports).

Tightness of the air

The scientific layout of Belgian Mirror window systems prevents outdoor dust, air, and noise from penetrating.

Easy to care for

To keep frames in good condition, Belgian Mirror Profiles require little maintenance. Long-term reports are available demonstrating that frames that have served in the harshest environments for over thirty years have been laboratory inspected and found to be as good as new.

Our company runs in the UPVC profile production sector, and while doing so, it commits to providing a healthier and safer working environment for its employees, those who work for the company, its dealers, visitors, and suppliers, as well as to protecting the environment.

In this regard, it complies with the legal requirements for Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment, has a continuous improvement philosophy, and thus;


  • Conducting research to reduce the use of natural resources and waste generation.
  • To reduce occupational health and environmental risks as a result of risk assessments on our activities.
  • To initiate and carry out corrective actions to avoid environmental and workplace accidents.
  • Increasing employee awareness through training.

A perfect window is the result of many things being done to perfection. While most window manufacturers are content with designing windows, we at Belgian Mirror have taken the art of window-making to the next level in order to find the ideal solution for your home. By focusing on the smallest details, we have turned it into an obsession. From obtaining the highest quality PVC to converting it into the strongest profiles, our attention to detail ensures that nothing is left to chance. As a result, every window that leaves our factory is nothing short of a work of engineering that will last for generations.

Belgian Mirror state-of-the-art infrastructure is spread across a large area within its facility and is separated into different extrusion facilities for uPVC and PVC profiles. We have a uPVC window and door fabrication unit, as well as a design, printing, and tool-making unit, all of which are usually operated by qualified professionals. We uphold the highest business values and ethics, and we strictly adhere to our quality requirements. We bring the best solution to our clients’ problems by focusing on intensive research. We continue to improve the quality and efficiency of our products, and our tireless efforts in this direction have helped us gain client satisfaction and admiration from customers all over India.